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Director’s Message

I wish to share with the readers a few words of wisdom. You should always do self analysis to find out what binds you and what mars your progress. Develop your character. This is to stand against your emotions. Develop will power to face your temptation. You have to face and not move away from adversities. You have to see as to which direction you have to grow.Even a plant knows as to by bending in which direction it can survive and grow straight upwards. Do not let circumstances deviate you from your goal.

Mrs.Parkash Kaur Thind



The mission of M.G.M. is to create a challenging learning environment that would not only encourage high expectations, but make them socially responsible adults, also. It is based on the objective to provide child centred education that would empower the students to realize their potentiality and enhance their lifelong learning through a stimulating and comprehensive curriculum

The School with its motto “Learning is Priceless” has the basic vision of providing quality education and right input to help children grow into well-adjusted individuals. We emphasise on enriching moral fiber of our country, imbibing the values of dynamically progressive Society. The School sets the stepping stones required to face the competitive world. Individual Grooming and Welfare of each and every child has always been a priority of our School