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Chairman Message

People from all walks of life are a part of this institution. I am delighted that via this website you are joining us. Our aim is to remain at the forefront of the centre of learning and teaching. MGM’s distinctive tutorial system underpins a culture of close academic supervision and careful personal support for our outstanding students.MGM follows a unique and sensitive balance between legacy, culture and future vision. Our approach is suited to many of the hugely complex challenges that face us all, and most importantly to help inculcate the art and habits that last for a lifetime. By the time our students leave the school we want each student to have that true sense of self worth and confidence which will enable him not only to stand up for himself, but for a purpose far greater than any one person. I truly believe that the greater we make MGM, the greater will be its contribution to our society.

S.Gajjan Singh Thind


The mission of M.G.M. is to create a challenging learning environment that would not only encourage high expectations, but make them socially responsible adults, also. It is based on the objective to provide child centred education that would empower the students to realize their potentiality and enhance their lifelong learning through a stimulating and comprehensive curriculum

The School with its motto “Learning is Priceless” has the basic vision of providing quality education and right input to help children grow into well-adjusted individuals. We emphasise on enriching moral fiber of our country, imbibing the values of dynamically progressive Society. The School sets the stepping stones required to face the competitive world. Individual Grooming and Welfare of each and every child has always been a priority of our School